Friday, March 9, 2012

OMG - I'm Old and alone! Now what?

Life's a journey - - - - -

I didn't anticipate being single, but I have been for the last 10 years after my husband died unexpectedly.  At first, I was so numb that it was difficult to think. Then, I managed to make a life for myself  - content, but now am wondering if this is all?  Is this it for the rest of my life?


So, I am looking around at how people cope being alone and - OMG - not being young.  Well maybe not just not young, but older.  I hate that word -  older.  But, as much as I have arrived kicking and screaming into my 60's, it's happened.  It's here and I am NOT loving every wrinkled moment of it.

When we think about getting older, don't we all imagine that it will be just fine as we have our partners there who accept us through all the scars, phobias, health issues, complaints, and - yes - wrinkles?

When that support base is taken away, then we only have a few choices:
  • accept our single fate, stop the wrinkle cream, banish the botox, bring out the sweats, take chocolate out of the hiding place, eat in front of the TV and watch every chic-flic available, or
  • try to get back into the dating world with all of its pitfalls, downfalls, upsides and lowsides, or
  • reach out to the world in other ways.  After all, life is not all about having a partner, it can be fulfilling in many other ways.
I thought I would share ( or not, if no ones reads this :)) one person's journey as I reach a crossroad of how to exist in the next 20 or so years.


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